“The creation of polar identity is ultimately a matter of geopolitics, of the value states see in instruments and symbols that speak to polar rather t...View Details

Responsible for all Canadian Armed Forces activity across the vast arc of northern Canada, Joint Task Force North plays a crucial role in safeguarding...View Details

Fresh off the 38thmeeting of CCAMLR that once again failed to achieve consensus on additional marine protected areas, the ATS might be seen as showing...View Details

Is the Antarctic Treaty System obsolete, and could it collapse in the near future? Dr. Elizabeth Buchanan of the Australian National University explai...View Details

Environmental change in the frozen parts of the planet—the Cryosphere—have implications well beyond the polar regions and motivate much of the increas...View Details

In the midst of an escalating diplomatic crisis between the United States and Denmark, international relations expert Prof. Paul Musgrave joins the Po...View Details

Reports of Donald Trump's interest in the U.S. buying Greenland from Denmark - without doubt the most unexpected and outrageous Arctic news story in r...View Details

In a continent recognized as a global commons, yet where seven states hold frozen claims and others are eager to be seen as stakeholders, history and ...View Details

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