In a continent recognized as a global commons, yet where seven states hold frozen claims and others are eager to be seen as stakeholders, history and ...View Details

A confluence of events in 2007 made the media take major interest in the Arctic, and the geopolitical narrative that emerged that year continues to sh...View Details

Many stakeholders, particularly environmental NGOs, involved with last October's meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Li...View Details

What lessons for contemporary climate adaptation can we learn from the Viking-era Norse settlement on Greenland, which was founded in the midst of the...View Details

In part two of the interview with Polar Geopolitics, Dr. Annika Nilsson shares her insights into the history and inner-workings of the Arctic Council,...View Details

Earth system science studies the planet as an array of interacting “spheres” that represent components of a single system. Antarctica dominates th...View Details

Indigenous communities are facing multiple challenges from a changing climate across the circumpolar North. In this episode, two experts with extensiv...View Details

What parallels exist in governance regimes for Outer Space and the Arctic? On this episode, Prof. Michael Byers, a leading Arctic and international la...View Details

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